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-This PTXdist[1] based project combines two reference board support packages:
+This is the main repository for DistroKit, an Embedded Linux Board
+Support Package (BSP) for the PTXdist [1] Build System.
-- ARM based "versatilepb"
-- X86 generic PC
+The main task for PTXdist is to build a root filesystem and a flash
+image for the embedded system. PTXdist has a concept of separating the
+software configuration from the hardware platforms, so the first
+decision to be made is to select for which hardware DistroKit shall be
-They are intended to show new users of ptxdist how to prepare and build all
-required components for an embedded device.
-For further information please read the following documents (part of this
+Installing PTXdist
-For the generic PC (x86 architecture):
+DistroKit is built with ptxdist. In order to install ptxdist, download
+the tarball from [2]:
-For the "versatilepb" (ARM architecture):
+$ wget \
-More PTXdist related information can be found at [1].
+Extract the tarball:
+$ tar xf ptxdist-2013.05.0 && cd ptxdist-2013.05.0
-Your Pengutronix Development Team
+Go to the extracted directory and run
+$ ./configure && make && sudo make install
+Selecting the Platform
+For the different hardware platforms, see the instructions about
+- how to install the toolchain
+- how to select the right platform
+- how to build the rootfs
+in README.<platform>.
+In order to build a BSP, you need a toolchain. The easiest way to get a
+toolchain is to install the debian packages for OSELAS.Toolchain:
+If you want to build the toolchain yourself, you can download the
+toolchain sources from
+and build them manually.
+Building DistroKit
+Now everything is prepared to build the BSP:
+$ ptxdist go
+PTXdist determines the number of CPUs on your computer and runs the
+compiler with <twice the number of CPUs> instances in parallel.
+Nevertheless, building a root filesystem from the sources needs some
+[1] PTXdist
+[2] PTXdist Download Area