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v7a: barebox-am335x: slim down config diff
* don't disable common features unnecessarily: enable the features BZLIB, DRIVER_SPI_GPIO, HWRNG, I2C_GPIO, IMD, NET_USB*, REGULATOR, STATE, USB_EHCI, USB_HOST, XZ_DECOMPRESS, ZLIB, and the commands cmp, defaultenv, imd, memtest, regulator, sha1sum, state, and usb. All of those are enabled in the barebox-common config too, and make sense to have on a generic barebox. * repair compile log level < default log level by using the defaults * now that USB_HOST is enabled, MUSB_HOST makes sense too * disable unneeded features: - CMD_LOADB: no one uses kermit these days - FIT image support: not used - initrd support: not used Signed-off-by: Roland Hieber <>
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