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v7a: barebox: version bump 2019.03.0 -> 2019.06.1
Just a simple oldconfig with default values for all variants with the help of ./scripts/ Changes in config symbols: * BAREBOX_MAX_PBLX_SIZE was removed in v2019.04.0 because pblx was removed. The maximum file size is now instead determined by BAREBOX_MAX_IMAGE_SIZE. [1] * The m25p80 driver was refactored to use the spi_mem API [2] (affects am355x and mx6) * The ARMv8 clocksource can now also work with ARMv7 timers, so it is auto-enabled by kconfig since barebox v2019.05.0. [3] * GPIO_BCM283X was replaced by PINCTRL_BCM283X in v2019.04.0. [4] * CRC16 was replaced by CRC_ITU_T in v2019.04.0 [5], but since it has no prompt in the menu and it is actually not selected by anyone except on am335x-mlo, it now stays disabled in the other variants. Relevant barebox commits: [1]: 9e72ea7a006cd0931913 ("images: pbl: verify CONFIG_BAREBOX_MAX_IMAGE_SIZE is not exceeded" [2]: 80b6b874944d7982e6c7 ("mtd: devices: m25p80: use the spi_mem_xx() API") [3]: dece707522434d5c8eb3 ("clocksource: Enable architected timer support for CPU_V7") [4]: be717102c8ba2d0ea022 ("pinctrl: bcm2835: move existing code from gpio.") [5]: 74de1afbd2ed4262d410 ("crc: import crc_itu_t() from kernel") Signed-off-by: Roland Hieber <>
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