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v8a: update to OSELAS.Toolchain 2020.08.0
Update to the latest toolchain, which was released this week. Updating to GCC 10 prompts for new kernel options: | CONFIG_ARM64_PTR_AUTH: | | Pointer authentication (part of the ARMv8.3 Extensions) provides | instructions for signing and authenticating pointers against secret | keys, which can be used to mitigate Return Oriented Programming (ROP) | and other attacks. | | This option enables these instructions at EL0 (i.e. for userspace). | Choosing this option will cause the kernel to initialise secret keys | for each process at exec() time, with these keys being | context-switched along with the process. | | If the compiler supports the -mbranch-protection or | -msign-return-address flag (e.g. GCC 7 or later), then this option | will also cause the kernel itself to be compiled with return address | protection. In this case, and if the target hardware is known to | support pointer authentication, then CONFIG_STACKPROTECTOR can be | disabled with minimal loss of protection. | | The feature is detected at runtime. If the feature is not present in | hardware it will not be advertised to userspace/KVM guest nor will it | be enabled. However, KVM guest also require VHE mode and hence | CONFIG_ARM64_VHE=y option to use this feature. | | If the feature is present on the boot CPU but not on a late CPU, then | the late CPU will be parked. Also, if the boot CPU does not have | address auth and the late CPU has then the late CPU will still boot | but with the feature disabled. On such a system, this option should | not be selected. | | This feature works with FUNCTION_GRAPH_TRACER option only if | DYNAMIC_FTRACE_WITH_REGS is enabled. | CONFIG_ARM64_BTI_KERNEL: | | Build the kernel with Branch Target Identification annotations | and enable enforcement of this for kernel code. When this option | is enabled and the system supports BTI all kernel code including | modular code must have BTI enabled. Use their default values for enhanced security. Signed-off-by: Roland Hieber <>
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