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doc: v7a: include a generic way to get DistroKit running on new boards
A short overview of our several barebox packages and images should suffice here, everything else should be added in the upstream PTXdist manual. Signed-off-by: Roland Hieber <>
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Hardware for the v7a Platform
+DistroKit supports various boards based on the ARMv7-A architecture.
+For the following boards there is separate documentation:
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@@ -47,6 +50,45 @@ Hardware for the v7a Platform
+If you want to get DistroKit running on your ARMv7-A board which is not
+listed above, here is a short overview of the generic way:
+1. Build the device tree for your board by adding its DTS source file to the
+ variable ``PTXCONF_DTC_OFTREE_DTS`` (in ``ptxdist menuconfig platform`` →
+ *Build device tree* → *source dts file*).
+ The compiled device tree will appear in ``platform-v7a/images/`` after the
+ build.
+2. Build a bootloader for your board.
+ If the hardware is very similar to one of the provided *barebox* packages,
+ you can simply adapt their config (``ptxdist menuconfig barebox-TARGET``)
+ and the respective rules in ``configs/platform-v7a/rules/barebox-*.make``.
+ If your hardware is too different, you can create a new bootloader package
+ with ``ptxdist newpackage barebox``.
+ Bootloader images can also be found in ``platform-v7a/images/`` after the
+ PTXdist build.
+ You can use these images to populate your board with a bootloader, for
+ example with imx-usb-loader, fastboot, or the tool of choice for your
+ respective SoC.
+3. Adapt the kernel configuration to include support for your board with
+ ``ptxdist menuconfig kernel``.
+ After the build, you will find the kernel zImage in
+ ``platform-v7a/images/linuximage``.
+4. The userland for ARMv7-A is built to ``platform-v7a/images/root.{ext2,tgz}``.
+ You can simply use these images too populate your boot media, or boot from
+ NFS instead (see section :ref:`nfsroot`).
+5. If you want to build a separate hdimage for your board, for example to boot
+ barebox and the kernel from an SD card, create a new image package with
+ ``ptxdist newpackage image-genimage`` (or fork one of the existing packages
+ in ``configs/platform-v7a/``).
+6. Send patches to <> :)
+Refer to the :ref:`ptx_dev_manual` for a more thorough documentation.
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