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pre/barebox: barebox-url: only use <PKG>_VERSION to build the URL
When adding another barebox package to a BSP, e.g. named barebox-foo, the BAREBOX_FOO variable will contain "barebox-foo-$(VERSION)". This variable is used to build BAREBOX_DIR, BAREBOX_SOURCE, and BAREBOX_FOO_URL. We must to keep the customized package postfix in the build directory, but in the latter case, the -foo postfix is transferred into the URL, which will lead to errors while downloading the source. We actually only need the barebox version to download the source tarball, so use a static "barebox-" string to build the barebox/url macro and also the BAREBOX_FOO_SOURCE variable in the package template, so the same tarball isn't downloaded multiple times with different names. Forwarded: Signed-off-by: Roland Hieber <>
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+# backport of PTXdist patch
+# This file can be removed after the patch has gone upstream
+barebox/url = \
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