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* opkg-utils: port patches from ptxdist-2018.10.0+Robert Schwebel2018-10-247-0/+224
* qemu: remove leftover patchesRoland Hieber2018-06-054-146/+0
* qemu: add upstream patchRobert Schwebel2018-03-102-1/+55
* qemu: add patches from ptxdist-2018.03.0Robert Schwebel2018-03-103-0/+92
* qemu: remove patches (they are in ptxdist)Robert Schwebel2017-12-062-49/+0
* host-qemu: add patch to fix mmc error messagesRobert Schwebel2017-09-292-0/+49
* mosquitto: remove package that leaked in by accidentRobert Schwebel2017-01-062-56/+0
* ptxdist: version bump from 2016.05.0 to 2016.07.0Robert Schwebel2016-07-272-0/+56
* beaglebone: fixes and rpi2 supportAlexander Aring2016-06-108-145/+0
* genimage: add patches to fix flash image generationJan Luebbe2013-05-092-0/+107
* Provide the last release as a new beginningJuergen Beisert2011-01-286-0/+38