tag namev2016.06.0 (69e2e144e9c2c2eef8bcb793f6e2ca860a3272c3)
tag date2016-06-22 13:54:22 +0200
tagged byMichael Olbrich <>
tagged objectcommit e11df39bf6...
Marc Kleine-Budde (2): glibc: add proposed patch for glibc bug 18463 glibc: update patch description for ARM-fix-PI-futex-breakge Michael Olbrich (72): cleanup: don't fail if PTXCONF_SYSROOT_CROSS was created with sudo make_deb: make it work with dh_shlibdeps from wheezy image-toolchain-tgz: add host architecture to the file name again glibc: add security fixes from glibc 2.21 ptxconfigs: use 2.20.1a instead of 2.20.1 gmp: use generic CPU type to make binary toolchains more portable glibc: add more security fixes binutils: move patches: 2.20.1 -> 2.20.1a host-cloog: version bump 0.18.2 -> 0.18.4 host-gmp: version bump 6.0.0a -> 6.1.0 host-isl: version bump 0.12.2 -> 0.16.1 host-libelf: version bump 0.160 -> 0.166 host-mpc: version bump 1.0.2 -> 1.0.3 host-mpfr: version bump 3.1.2 -> 3.1.4 host-xz: version bump 5.0.7 -> 5.2.2 host-expat: version bump 2.1.0 -> 2.1.1 move -Wl,--as-needed to the beginning of the command-line and cleanup PTXDIST_HOST_LDFLAGS uclibc: cleanup rules glibc: update & cleanup rules glibc: remove duplicate kconfig options glibc: use correct bash in shebangs cross-gcc-first: cleanup cross-gcc-first: cleanup cross-gcc-first: move install tree out of sysroot-cross cross-gcc: don't build <ptxdist>/bin/sed into binaries cross-gcc: don't add unnecessary paths to the configure arguments cross-gcc: use ptx/ifdef cross-gcc: don't set defaults for gcc versions cross-gcc: add support for gcc-5.x ptxdist-2016.06.0 add support for Linux 4.x and gcc 5.x use gdb-7.11 improve fixup add license data for for glibc, gcc, uclibc, binutils and gdb add more fake options for glibc-headers on mips add --enable-stackguard-randomization --enable-lock-elision to glibc configure options set gcc options for all cortexm4 toolchains rules: set license to 'ignore' for intermediate and meta packages host-xz: add license information host-cloog: cleanup scripts: add helper to copy license files host-cloog: add license info host-expat: add license info host-gmp: add license info host-isl: add license info host-libelf: improve license info host-mpc: add license info host-mpfr: add license info host-zlib: add license info cross-elf2flt: add license info kernel-headers: add license info cross-gcc: add license info cross-binutils: add version info glibc: add license info uclibc: add version info cross-gdb: add version info binutils-2.26 patches gcc-5.4.0 patches glibc-2.23 patches newlib-2.4.0 patches remove old patches ptxconfig: remove old avr toolchains cleanup sysroot/destdir handling cleanup: improve improve debugging usclibc: add support for uclibc-ng uclibc: add config for uclibc-ng-1.0.14-arm-cortexm3-uclinuxeabi uclibc: add config for uclibc-ng-1.0.14-arm-cortexm4-uclinuxeabihf Makefile: generate deterministic dist archives cross-gcc: remove BSP directory from builtin configure arguments update ptxconfigs release 2016.06.0 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1 iQEcBAABAgAGBQJXanxuAAoJEM1w45tSAIbPN9IH/13XeTkwyMPJfQmznhg9ewAn kUV9ZoCrLzrUWEAsIBRTSKxtWyTFeW1JWZ8Mum1B747kgqUUx8Ub/RUPPmhMFw+7 VnheS2Q+vtXz/XylAI768CCDA23ZwCpVx/ZHNKrMSbyJFOK2G1yZI8O0O+KE5BpA fiC8nWdgwM9Dy0A1HsO7h7uEcc8Rhbo+vEvzivzw5S7+yXVip4JEb4wJrGAEowif +rY2vuInPFVqVOHZpjUFIReO9oSW2wYYDnIpzGWOf3S5eJq48wU5nrWUy4/cbuLu hHmR1XDSXnEO/kSfWVtnxd2uzlIe/wyJDiDc06Qwzt4Dmkuy7NTJvX3y/lZhKp8= =MQnF -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----