BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
nextMerge branch 'for-next/stm32' into nextSascha Hauer12 hours
mastercommands: boot: fixup create boot entries on demandAhmad Fatoum13 hours
stable/v2018.12of: Add .of suffix to device names from devicetreeSascha Hauer14 months
stable/v2018.09fs: devfs: implement d_revalidate hookSascha Hauer16 months
stable/v2018.07Release v2018.07.1Lucas Stach19 months
stable/v2017.11fs: Fix can_lseek_backward()Andrey Smirnov2 years
stable/v2017.05Release v2017.05.4Lucas Stach3 years
stable/v2017.06Release v2017.06.2Lucas Stach3 years
stable/v2017.07Release v2017.07.1Lucas Stach3 years
work/fit-supportbootm: add initial FIT supportJan Luebbe4 years
v2020.02.0barebox-2020.02.0.tar.gz  Sascha Hauer3 days
v2020.01.0barebox-2020.01.0.tar.gz  Sascha Hauer5 weeks
v2019.12.0barebox-2019.12.0.tar.gz  Sascha Hauer2 months
v2019.11.0barebox-2019.11.0.tar.gz  Sascha Hauer3 months
v2019.10.0barebox-2019.10.0.tar.gz  Sascha Hauer4 months
v2019.09.0barebox-2019.09.0.tar.gz  Sascha Hauer5 months
v2019.08.1barebox-2019.08.1.tar.gz  Sascha Hauer6 months
v2019.08.0barebox-2019.08.0.tar.gz  Sascha Hauer6 months
v2019.07.0barebox-2019.07.0.tar.gz  Sascha Hauer7 months
v2019.06.1barebox-2019.06.1.tar.gz  Sascha Hauer8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
13 hourscommands: boot: fixup create boot entries on demandHEADmasterAhmad Fatoum1-1/+1
13 hoursnet: designware: eqos: stm32: drop no longer needed syscfg-clkAhmad Fatoum1-2/+1
13 hoursmfd: syscon: clock peripheral if specified in device treeAhmad Fatoum1-2/+18
13 hoursmfd: syscon: use regmap-mmio as backendAhmad Fatoum1-25/+2
13 hoursregmap: add support for regmap_init_mmio_clkAhmad Fatoum3-1/+323
13 hoursregmap: make internal.h a self-contained headerAhmad Fatoum1-1/+8
13 hoursARM: dts: stm32mp: align barebox dtsi name with upstreamAhmad Fatoum2-1/+1
14 hoursscripts: imd: remove duplicate macro definitionsAhmad Fatoum1-4/+0
14 hoursscripts: define ALIGN(x) in scripts' <linux/kernel.h>Ahmad Fatoum1-0/+2
14 hoursgpiolib: use correct format specifier for ptrdiff_tAhmad Fatoum1-1/+1