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ST-Ericsson U300 Device Tree Bindings

For various board the "board" node may contain specific properties
that pertain to this particular board, such as board-specific GPIOs
or board power regulator supplies.

Required root node property:


Required node: syscon
This contains the system controller.
- compatible: must be "stericsson,u300-syscon".
- reg: the base address and size of the system controller.

Boards with the U300 SoC include:

S365 "Small Board U365":

Required node: s365
This contains the board-specific information.
- compatible: must be "stericsson,s365".
- vana15-supply: the regulator supplying the 1.5V to drive the
- syscon: a pointer to the syscon node so we can access the
  syscon registers to set the board as self-powered.


/ {
	model = "ST-Ericsson U300";
	compatible = "stericsson,u300";
	#address-cells = <1>;
	#size-cells = <1>;

	s365 {
		compatible = "stericsson,s365";
		vana15-supply = <&ab3100_ldo_d_reg>;
		syscon = <&syscon>;

	syscon: syscon@c0011000 {
		compatible = "stericsson,u300-syscon";
		reg = <0xc0011000 0x1000>;