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Required properties:

  - compatible : must be "btmrvl,cfgdata"

Optional properties:

  - btmrvl,cal-data : Calibration data downloaded to the device during
		      initialization. This is an array of 28 values(u8).

  - btmrvl,gpio-gap : gpio and gap (in msecs) combination to be


GPIO pin 13 is configured as a wakeup source and GAP is set to 100 msecs
in below example.

btmrvl {
	compatible = "btmrvl,cfgdata";

	btmrvl,cal-data = /bits/ 8 <
		0x37 0x01 0x1c 0x00 0xff 0xff 0xff 0xff 0x01 0x7f 0x04 0x02
		0x00 0x00 0xba 0xce 0xc0 0xc6 0x2d 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00
		0x00 0x00 0xf0 0x00>;
	btmrvl,gpio-gap = <0x0d64>;