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Samsung micro-USB 11-pin connector

Samsung micro-USB 11-pin connector is an extension of micro-USB connector.
It is present in multiple Samsung mobile devices.
It has additional pins to route MHL traffic simultanously with USB.

The bindings are superset of usb-connector bindings for micro-USB connector[1].

Required properties:
- compatible: must be: "samsung,usb-connector-11pin", "usb-b-connector",
- type: must be "micro".

Required nodes:
- any data bus to the connector should be modeled using the OF graph bindings
  specified in bindings/graph.txt, unless the bus is between parent node and
  the connector. Since single connector can have multpile data buses every bus
  has assigned OF graph port number as follows:
    0: High Speed (HS),
    3: Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL), specific to 11-pin Samsung micro-USB.

[1]: bindings/connector/usb-connector.txt


Micro-USB connector with HS lines routed via controller (MUIC) and MHL lines
connected to HDMI-MHL bridge (sii8620):

muic-max77843@66 {
	usb_con: connector {
		compatible = "samsung,usb-connector-11pin", "usb-b-connector";
		label = "micro-USB";
		type = "micro";

		ports {
			#address-cells = <1>;
			#size-cells = <0>;

			port@3 {
				reg = <3>;
				usb_con_mhl: endpoint {
					remote-endpoint = <&sii8620_mhl>;