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STMicroelectronics STPMIC1 Onkey

Required properties:

- compatible = "st,stpmic1-onkey";
- interrupts: interrupt line to use
- interrupt-names = "onkey-falling", "onkey-rising"
	onkey-falling: happens when onkey is pressed; IT_PONKEY_F of pmic
	onkey-rising: happens when onkey is released; IT_PONKEY_R of pmic

Optional properties:

- st,onkey-clear-cc-flag: onkey is able power on after an
  over-current shutdown event.
- st,onkey-pu-inactive: onkey pull up is not active
- power-off-time-sec: Duration in seconds which the key should be kept
        pressed for device to power off automatically (from 1 to 16 seconds).
        see See Documentation/devicetree/bindings/input/keys.txt


onkey {
	compatible = "st,stpmic1-onkey";
	interrupt-parent = <&pmic>;
	interrupts = <IT_PONKEY_F 0>,<IT_PONKEY_R 1>;
	interrupt-names = "onkey-falling", "onkey-rising";
	power-off-time-sec = <10>;