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*NXP - pca9532 PWM LED Driver

The PCA9532 family is SMBus I/O expander optimized for dimming LEDs.
The PWM support 256 steps.

Required properties:
	- compatible:
	- reg -  I2C slave address

Each led is represented as a sub-node of the nxp,pca9530.

Optional sub-node properties:
	- label: see Documentation/devicetree/bindings/leds/common.txt
	- type: Output configuration, see dt-bindings/leds/leds-pca9532.h (default NONE)
	- linux,default-trigger: see Documentation/devicetree/bindings/leds/common.txt
	- default-state: see Documentation/devicetree/bindings/leds/common.txt
	  This property is only valid for sub-nodes of type <PCA9532_TYPE_LED>.

  #include <dt-bindings/leds/leds-pca9532.h>

  leds: pca9530@60 {
    compatible = "nxp,pca9530";
    reg = <0x60>;

    red-power {
      label = "pca:red:power";
      type = <PCA9532_TYPE_LED>;
    green-power {
      label = "pca:green:power";
      type = <PCA9532_TYPE_LED>;
    kernel-booting {
      type = <PCA9532_TYPE_LED>;
      default-state = "on";
    sys-stat {
      type = <PCA9532_TYPE_LED>;
      default-state = "keep"; // don't touch, was set by U-Boot

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