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* Designware APB timer

Required properties:
- compatible: One of:
	"snps,dw-apb-timer-sp" <DEPRECATED>
	"snps,dw-apb-timer-osc" <DEPRECATED>
- reg: physical base address of the controller and length of memory mapped
- interrupts: IRQ line for the timer.
- either clocks+clock-names or clock-frequency properties

Optional properties:
- clocks	: list of clock specifiers, corresponding to entries in
		  the clock-names property;
- clock-names	: should contain "timer" and "pclk" entries, matching entries
		  in the clocks property.
- clock-frequency: The frequency in HZ of the timer.
- clock-freq: For backwards compatibility with picoxcell

If using the clock specifiers, the pclk clock is optional, as not all
systems may use one.

	timer@ffe00000 {
		compatible = "snps,dw-apb-timer";
		interrupts = <0 170 4>;
		reg = <0xffe00000 0x1000>;
		clocks = <&timer_clk>, <&timer_pclk>;
		clock-names = "timer", "pclk";