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pstore/ram: Clarify resource reservation labels
When ramoops reserved a memory region in the kernel, it had an unhelpful label of "persistent ram". When reading iomem, it would be repeated many times, did not hint that it was ramoops in particular, and didn't clarify very much about what each was used for: 0x4fdd4000 - 0x4fdf3fff (size 0x00020000) persistent ram 0x4fdf4000 - 0x4fe13fff (size 0x00020000) persistent ram ... 0x4ff74000 - 0x4ff93fff (size 0x00020000) persistent ram 0x4ff94000 - 0x4ffb3fff (size 0x00020000) persistent ram 0x4ffb4000 - 0x4ffd3fff (size 0x00020000) persistent ram Instead, this adds meaningful labels for how the various regions are being used: 0x4fdd4000 - 0x4fdf3fff (size 0x00020000) ramoops:dump(0/12) 0x4fdf4000 - 0x4fe13fff (size 0x00020000) ramoops:dump(1/12) ... 0x4ff74000 - 0x4ff93fff (size 0x00020000) ramoops:console 0x4ff94000 - 0x4ffb3fff (size 0x00020000) ramoops:ftrace 0x4ffb4000 - 0x4ffd3fff (size 0x00020000) ramoops:pmsg Signed-off-by: Kees Cook <> Reviewed-by: Joel Fernandes (Google) <> [ ported to Barebox from Linux commit 1227daa43bce] Signed-off-by: Philipp Zabel <> Signed-off-by: Sascha Hauer <>
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@@ -47,35 +47,29 @@ generated by Barebox. You can change these parameters in Barebox menuconfig. The
RAMOOPS parameters for the Kernel are stored in the variable
-To see where the RAMOOPS area is located, you can execute iomem in Barebox. The
-RAMOOPS area is listed as 'persistent ram':
+You can adapt the *pstore* parameters in Barebox menuconfig.
+To see where the RAMOOPS area is located, you can execute the ``iomem`` command
+in the Barebox shell. The RAMOOPS area is listed as 'persistent ram':
.. code-block:: none
0x10000000 - 0x1fffffff (size 0x10000000) ram0
- 0x17e7c0c0 - 0x1fcf817f (size 0x07e7c0c0) malloc space
- 0x1fcf8180 - 0x1fcfffff (size 0x00007e80) board data
- 0x1fd00000 - 0x1fd6eeff (size 0x0006ef00) barebox
- 0x1fd6ef00 - 0x1fd88dff (size 0x00019f00) barebox data
- 0x1fd88e00 - 0x1fd8c3db (size 0x000035dc) bss
- 0x1fdf4000 - 0x1fe13fff (size 0x00020000) persistent ram
- 0x1fe14000 - 0x1fe33fff (size 0x00020000) persistent ram
- 0x1fe34000 - 0x1fe53fff (size 0x00020000) persistent ram
- 0x1fe54000 - 0x1fe73fff (size 0x00020000) persistent ram
- 0x1fe74000 - 0x1fe93fff (size 0x00020000) persistent ram
- 0x1fe94000 - 0x1feb3fff (size 0x00020000) persistent ram
- 0x1feb4000 - 0x1fed3fff (size 0x00020000) persistent ram
- 0x1fed4000 - 0x1fef3fff (size 0x00020000) persistent ram
- 0x1fef4000 - 0x1ff13fff (size 0x00020000) persistent ram
- 0x1ff14000 - 0x1ff33fff (size 0x00020000) persistent ram
- 0x1ff34000 - 0x1ff53fff (size 0x00020000) persistent ram
- 0x1ff54000 - 0x1ff73fff (size 0x00020000) persistent ram
- 0x1ff74000 - 0x1ff93fff (size 0x00020000) persistent ram
- 0x1ff94000 - 0x1ffb3fff (size 0x00020000) persistent ram
- 0x1ffb4000 - 0x1ffd3fff (size 0x00020000) persistent ram
- 0x1ffd4000 - 0x1fff3fff (size 0x00020000) persistent ram
- 0x1fff4000 - 0x1fff7fff (size 0x00004000) ttb
- 0x1fff8000 - 0x1fffffff (size 0x00008000) stack
+ 0x247f59c0 - 0x2fbf59bf (size 0x0b400000) malloc space
+ 0x2fbf59c0 - 0x2fbffffe (size 0x0000a63f) board data
+ 0x2fc00000 - 0x2fc8619f (size 0x000861a0) barebox
+ 0x2fc861a0 - 0x2fca35ef (size 0x0001d450) barebox data
+ 0x2fca35f0 - 0x2fca9007 (size 0x00005a18) bss
+ 0x2fdd4000 - 0x2fdf3fff (size 0x00020000) ramoops:dump(0/4)
+ 0x2fdf4000 - 0x2fe13fff (size 0x00020000) ramoops:dump(1/4)
+ 0x2fe14000 - 0x2fe33fff (size 0x00020000) ramoops:dump(2/4)
+ 0x2fe34000 - 0x2fe53fff (size 0x00020000) ramoops:dump(3/4)
+ 0x2fe54000 - 0x2fe73fff (size 0x00020000) ramoops:dump(4/4)
+ 0x2fe74000 - 0x2fe93fff (size 0x00020000) ramoops:console
+ 0x2fe94000 - 0x2feb3fff (size 0x00020000) ramoops:ftrace
+ 0x2feb4000 - 0x2fed3fff (size 0x00020000) ramoops:pmsg
+ 0x2fee4000 - 0x2fee7fff (size 0x00004000) ttb
+ 0x2fee8000 - 0x2feeffff (size 0x00008000) stack
All pstore files that could be found are added to the /pstore directory. This is
a read-only filesystem. If you disable the Kconfig option FS_PSTORE_RAMOOPS_RO,