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ARM: rpi: add generic Raspberry Pi image
Add a new image that can be booted on all supported boards. This work by including DTs for all enabled boards in config and then consulting the mailbox interface at runtime to deduce which DT to pass to barebox proper. An alternative would have been to use the existing barebox-dt-2nd.img with a VideoCore-supplied device tree, but that has the drawback of requiring barebox to observe the same bindings as the kernel that's booted later. This approach makes migration straight-forward, because no difference in VideoCore configuration is required. Signed-off-by: Ahmad Fatoum <> Link: Signed-off-by: Sascha Hauer <>
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@@ -15,14 +15,14 @@ Raspberry Pi
- ``images/barebox-raspberry-pi-2.img`` for the BCM2836/CORTEX-A7 (Raspberry Pi 2)
- ``images/barebox-raspberry-pi-3.img`` for the BCM2837/CORTEX-A53 (Raspberry Pi 3)
- ``images/barebox-raspberry-pi-cm3.img`` for the BCM2837/CORTEX-A53 (Raspberry Pi CM3)
+ - ``images/barebox-raspberry-pi.img``, which is a super set of all the other images
Copy the respective image for your model to your SD card and name it
- Alternatively, ``images/barebox-dt-2nd.img`` can be used as single bootloader for all
- supported 32-bit boards. In this case the device tree supplied by the video core
- is directly used by barebox to probe. The device trees in ``arch/arm/dts/*.dtb``
- will need to be renamed for alignment with the naming scheme expected by the videocore.
+ The ``images/barebox-raspberry-pi.img`` is expected to replace the other images
+ in the future. It contains the device trees of all supported (and enabled) variants
+ and determines at runtime what board it runs on and does the right thing.
4. Create a text file ``config.txt`` on the SD card with the following content::