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ARM: rpi: save bootargs from VC FDT to vc.bootargs
When booting a Raspberry Pi, it is useful to extract bootargs from the device tree that was created by the VideoCore firmware. These bootargs contain for example settings for the framebuffer that the kernel needs to properly set the video output. This commit extracts the bootargs in the board initialization code and saves them to the vc.bootargs global variable. For example, a bootloader environment can then add the contents of this variable to, which then gets included into the final bootargs for the kernel using CONFIG_FLEXIBLE_BOOTARGS. Signed-off-by: Sascha Hauer <>
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@@ -34,5 +34,11 @@ VideoCore firmware creates a device tree based on the entries in ``config.txt``.
bootm -o /vc.dtb /boot/kernel7.img
+VideoCore device tree also contains the kernel command-line that is constructed from ``cmdline.txt`` and other parameters internally determined by the VideoCore firmware. Normally in Barebox this command-line gets overwritten on boot by the Linux bootargs (see :ref:`booting_linux`).
+The original command-line from VideoCore device tree is available to the Barebox environment in the ``vc.bootargs`` global variable. For example, to append it to the Linux bootargs::
+ global"$"
.. _Raspberry Pi firmware:
.. _documentation for config.txt: