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Add common serial driver for Atmel AT32 and AT91 chips
Patch by Haavard Skinnemoen, 06 Sep 2006 This is a first attempt at creating a common serial driver for Atmel chips. For now, it supports the AT32AP7000 AVR32 chip, but it should be possible to support AT91RM9200 and other ARM-based chips with some minor modifications. There's nothing fundamentally AVR32-specific in this driver, but it does use some features which are currently only defined for the AT32AP CPU port: * pm_get_clock_freq: Obtain the clock frequency of a given domain * gd->console_uart: A "struct device" containing information about register mappings, gpio resources and clocks associated with the UART device. For more information about these features, please see the "AT32AP CPU" patch.
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