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.section ".text_entry","ax"
+@section arch_files List of changes
+ - create a new subdirectory in /arch
-/** @page dev_cpu Intergrate a new CPU (MACH)
+/** @page dev_cpu Integrate a new CPU (MACH)
Features required for every CPU:
- clocksource
- CPU reset function
+@section time_keeping Time keeping
+In U-Boot-v2 we are using the clocksource mechanism from the Linux Kernel.
+This makes it fairly easy to add timer functionality for a new board or
+Apart from initialization there is only one function to be registerd:
+clocksource_read(). This function returns the current value of a free running
+counter. Other functions like udelay() and get_time_ns() are derived from this
+function. The only thing you have to implement is a clocksource driver and
+to register it at runtime.
+static uint64_t mycpu_clocksource_read(void)
+static struct clocksource cs = {
+ .read = mycpu_clocksource_read,
+ .mask = 0xffffffff,
+ .shift = 10,
+ init_clock(&cs);
+See arch/arm/mach-imx/clocksource.c for an example. clocksource drivers from
+the Linux Kernel can be used nearly 1:1, except for the register accesses.
+Note: For clocksources the __lshrdi3 symbol is needed. You can find the
+function for your architecture in the Linux Kernel or a libc of your choice.
+Note: U-Boot-v2 expects an upward counting counter!
+@section reset_function Reset function
- @subpage dev_arm_mach
- @subpage dev_bf_mach
- @subpage dev_ppc_mach