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authorHolger Schurig <>2014-05-13 10:28:42 +0200
committerSascha Hauer <>2014-05-14 10:03:43 +0200
commitf1f532084a6e9ee8225f047353999b459455df7e (patch)
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commands: harmonize in-barebox documentation
This patch does probably too much, but it's hard (and very cumbersome/time consuming) to break it out. What is does is this: * each command has one short description, e.g. "list MUX configuration" * made sure the short descriptions start lowercase * each command has one usage. That string contains just the options, e.g. "[-npn]". It's not part of the long help text. * that is, it doesn't say "[OPTIONS]" anymore, every usable option is listed by character in this (short) option string (the long description is in the long help text, as before) * help texts have been reworked, to make them - sometimes smaller - sometimes describe the options better - more often present themselves in a nicer format * all long help texts are now created with BUSYBOX_CMD_HELP_ macros, no more 'static const __maybe_unused char cmd_foobar_help[]' * made sure the long help texts starts uppercase * because cmdtp->name and cmdtp->opts together provide the new usage, all "Usage: foobar" texts have been removed from the long help texts * BUSYBOX_CMD_HELP_TEXT() provides the trailing newline by itself, this is nicer in the source code * BUSYBOX_CMD_HELP_OPT() provides the trailing newline by itself * made sure no line gets longer than 77 characters * delibertely renamed cmdtp->usage, so that we can get compile-time errors (e.g. in out-of-tree modules that use register_command() * the 'help' command can now always emit the usage, even without compiled long help texts * 'help -v' gives a list of commands with their short description, this is similar like the old "help" command before my patchset * 'help -a' gives out help of all commands Signed-off-by: Holger Schurig <> Signed-off-by: Sascha Hauer <>
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diff --git a/commands/menu.c b/commands/menu.c
index 99cb7cb..2008aa5 100644
--- a/commands/menu.c
+++ b/commands/menu.c
@@ -407,71 +407,67 @@ end:
static const __maybe_unused char cmd_menu_help[] =
-"Usage: menu [OPTION]... \n"
-"Manage Menu\n"
+"Manage Menu:\n"
" -m menu\n"
" -l list\n"
" -s show\n"
+"Advanced menu management:\n"
" -e menu entry\n"
" -a add\n"
" -r remove\n"
" -S select\n"
-"How to\n"
-"Show menu\n"
+"Show menu:\n"
" (-A auto select delay)\n"
" (-d auto select description)\n"
-" menu -s -m <menu> [-A delay] [-d auto_display]\n"
+" menu -s -m MENU [-A delay] [-d auto_display]\n"
-"List menu\n"
+"List menu:\n"
" menu -l\n"
-"Add a menu\n"
-" menu -a -m <name> -d <description>\n"
+"Add a menu:\n"
+" menu -a -m NAME -d DESC\n"
-"Remove a menu\n"
-" menu -r -m <name>\n"
+"Remove a menu:\n"
+" menu -r -m NAME\n"
-"Add an entry\n"
+"Add an entry:\n"
" (-R for do no exit the menu after executing the command)\n"
" (-b for box style 1 for selected)\n"
" (and optional -c for the command to run when we change the state)\n"
-" menu -e -a -m <menu> -c <command> [-R] [-b 0|1] -d <description>\n"
+" menu -e -a -m MENU -c COMMAND [-R] [-b 0|1] -d DESC\n"
-"Add a submenu entry\n"
+"Add a submenu entry:\n"
" (-R is not needed)\n"
" (-b for box style 1 for selected)\n"
" (and -c is not needed)\n"
-" menu -e -a -m <menu> -u submenu -d [-b 0|1] <description>\n"
+" menu -e -a -m MENU -u submenu -d [-b 0|1] DESC\n"
-"Remove an entry\n"
-" menu -e -r -m <name> -n <num>\n"
+"Remove an entry:\n"
+" menu -e -r -m NAME -n ENTRY\n"
-"Select an entry\n"
-" menu -m <menu> -S -n <entry num starting at 1>\n"
+"Select an entry:\n"
+" menu -m <menu> -S -n ENTRY\n"
-"List menu\n"
+"List menu:\n"
" menu -e -l [menu]\n"
-"Menu example\n"
-"menu -a -m boot -d \"Boot Menu\"\n"
-"menu -e -a -m boot -c boot -d \"Boot\"\n"
-"menu -e -a -m boot -c reset -d \"Reset\"\n"
-"menu -s -m boot\n"
+"Menu examples:\n"
+" menu -a -m boot -d \"Boot Menu\"\n"
+" menu -e -a -m boot -c boot -d \"Boot\"\n"
+" menu -e -a -m boot -c reset -d \"Reset\"\n"
-"Menu example\n"
-"menu -s -m boot\n"
+"Menu example:\n"
+" menu -s -m boot\n"
.cmd = do_menu,
- .usage = "Menu Management",
+ BAREBOX_CMD_DESC("create and display menus")