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param: make parameter functions more consistent
This patch creates a consitent set of device parameter functions. With this we have: dev_add_param_<type><access> "type" is one of: int32, uint32, int64, uint64, string, mac, ipv4, enum, bitmask The improvement here is that we now can exactly specify the width of the int type parameters and also correctly distinguish between signed and unsigned variables which means that a variable no longer ends up with INT_MAX when it's assigned -1. "access" can be empty for regular read/write parameter, "_ro" for readonly parameters which get their value from a variable pointer in the background or "_fixed" for parameters which are set to a fixed value (without a pointer in the background). Some more exotic types are not (yet) implemented, like dev_add_param_ip_ro. Signed-off-by: Sascha Hauer <>
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