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authorAhmad Fatoum <>2020-03-05 08:40:31 +0100
committerSascha Hauer <>2020-03-09 08:36:15 +0100
commitdc5100e6ba686fafd5570ce6d972383f047c7313 (patch)
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parentad86f163a2bab94b1729d73f6888f8452c7477f7 (diff)
state: backend_storage: deal gracefully with runtime bucket corruption
Corrupting an already selected bucket and then reading it again will crash barebox when it attempts the refresh: barebox$ state -l barebox$ mw -d /dev/eeprom0.state 0 0x42 barebox$ state -l ERROR: state: No meta data header found state: Using bucket 1@0x00000040 unable to handle NULL pointer dereference at address 0x00000000 pc : [<4fe4f1ea>] lr : [<4fe0bcb1>] sp : 4ffefd5c ip : 00000000 fp : 2ff68f04 r10: 4ffefdc8 r9 : 4b434d63 r8 : 30155f50 r7 : 00000024 r6 : 2ff68b60 r5 : 2ff68e90 r4 : 00000000 r3 : 00000024 r2 : 00000024 r1 : 30155f50 r0 : 00000000 Flags: Nzcv IRQs off FIQs off Mode SVC_32 WARNING: [<4fe4f1ea>] (memcmp+0x14/0x1a) from [<4fe0bcb1>] (bucket_refresh.isra.0+0x4d/0x78) WARNING: [<4fe0bcb1>] (bucket_refresh.isra.0+0x4d/0x78) from [<4fe0be1d>] (state_storage_read+0xd1/0x104) WARNING: [<4fe0be1d>] (state_storage_read+0xd1/0x104) from [<4fe0a5bd>] (state_do_load+0x1d/0x78) WARNING: [<4fe0a5bd>] (state_do_load+0x1d/0x78) from [<4fe04137>] (execute_command+0x23/0x4c) The memcmp called here is an optimization to skip I/O if the used bucket and the one to be refreshed compare equal. Unfortunately, if the now corrupt bucket was previously the used one, bucket->len will hold the old value and we'll run into a NULL pointer dereference. While this is quite inconvenient, it appears it doesn't affect correctness: after the reset, the corrupt bucket will be refreshed as expected. Improve upon this by setting the length to zero when we are NULLing the buffer. The zero length of the corrupted bucket will then compare unequal to used_bucket->len in bucket_refresh() and ensure we will always refresh the buffer if it becomes corrupted without an intermittent reset. Fixes: 238008b4bd8f ("state: Drop cache bucket") Cc: Enrico J├Ârns <> Signed-off-by: Ahmad Fatoum <> Signed-off-by: Sascha Hauer <>
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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/common/state/backend_storage.c b/common/state/backend_storage.c
index fca887e..fe7e89e 100644
--- a/common/state/backend_storage.c
+++ b/common/state/backend_storage.c
@@ -192,6 +192,7 @@ int state_storage_read(struct state_backend_storage *storage,
/* Free buffer from the unused buckets */
bucket->buf = NULL;
+ bucket->len = 0;
@@ -204,6 +205,7 @@ int state_storage_read(struct state_backend_storage *storage,
/* buffer from the used bucket is passed to the caller, do not free */
bucket_used->buf = NULL;
+ bucket_used->len = 0;
return 0;