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dts: update to v4.2-rc1
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@@ -17,15 +17,19 @@ its hardware characteristcs.
- "arm,coresight-tmc", "arm,primecell";
- "arm,coresight-funnel", "arm,primecell";
- "arm,coresight-etm3x", "arm,primecell";
+ - "qcom,coresight-replicator1x", "arm,primecell";
* reg: physical base address and length of the register
set(s) of the component.
- * clocks: the clock associated to this component.
+ * clocks: the clocks associated to this component.
- * clock-names: the name of the clock as referenced by the code.
- Since we are using the AMBA framework, the name should be
- "apb_pclk".
+ * clock-names: the name of the clocks referenced by the code.
+ Since we are using the AMBA framework, the name of the clock
+ providing the interconnect should be "apb_pclk", and some
+ coresight blocks also have an additional clock "atclk", which
+ clocks the core of that coresight component. The latter clock
+ is optional.
* port or ports: The representation of the component's port
layout using the generic DT graph presentation found in