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Marvell Berlin SoC Family Device Tree Bindings
+Work in progress statement:
+Device tree files and bindings applying to Marvell Berlin SoCs and boards are
+considered "unstable". Any Marvell Berlin device tree binding may change at any
+time. Be sure to use a device tree binary and a kernel image generated from the
+same source tree.
+Please refer to Documentation/devicetree/bindings/ABI.txt for a definition of a
+stable binding/ABI.
Boards with a SoC of the Marvell Berlin family, e.g. Armada 1500
shall have the following properties:
@@ -49,10 +61,9 @@ chip control registers, so there should be a single DT node only providing the
different functions which are described below.
Required properties:
-- compatible: shall be one of
- "marvell,berlin2-chip-ctrl" for BG2
- "marvell,berlin2cd-chip-ctrl" for BG2CD
- "marvell,berlin2q-chip-ctrl" for BG2Q
+- compatible:
+ * the first and second values must be:
+ "simple-mfd", "syscon"
- reg: address and length of following register sets for
BG2/BG2CD: chip control register set
BG2Q: chip control register set and cpu pll registers
@@ -63,90 +74,23 @@ Marvell Berlin SoCs have a system control register set providing several
individual registers dealing with pinmux, padmux, and reset.
Required properties:
-- compatible: should be one of
- "marvell,berlin2-system-ctrl" for BG2
- "marvell,berlin2cd-system-ctrl" for BG2CD
- "marvell,berlin2q-system-ctrl" for BG2Q
+- compatible:
+ * the first and second values must be:
+ "simple-mfd", "syscon"
- reg: address and length of the system control register set
-* Clock provider binding
-As clock related registers are spread among the chip control registers, the
-chip control node also provides the clocks. Marvell Berlin2 (BG2, BG2CD, BG2Q)
-SoCs share the same IP for PLLs and clocks, with some minor differences in
-features and register layout.
-Required properties:
-- #clock-cells: shall be set to 1
-- clocks: clock specifiers referencing the core clock input clocks
-- clock-names: array of strings describing the input clock specifiers above.
- Allowed clock-names for the reference clocks are
- "refclk" for the SoCs osciallator input on all SoCs,
- and SoC-specific input clocks for
- BG2/BG2CD: "video_ext0" for the external video clock input
-Clocks provided by core clocks shall be referenced by a clock specifier
-indexing one of the provided clocks. Refer to dt-bindings/clock/berlin<soc>.h
-for the corresponding index mapping.
-* Pin controller binding
-Pin control registers are part of both register sets, chip control and system
-control. The pins controlled are organized in groups, so no actual pin
-information is needed.
-A pin-controller node should contain subnodes representing the pin group
-configurations, one per function. Each subnode has the group name and the muxing
-function used.
-Be aware the Marvell Berlin datasheets use the keyword 'mode' for what is called
-a 'function' in the pin-controller subsystem.
-Required subnode-properties:
-- groups: a list of strings describing the group names.
-- function: a string describing the function used to mux the groups.
-* Reset controller binding
-A reset controller is part of the chip control registers set. The chip control
-node also provides the reset. The register set is not at the same offset between
-Berlin SoCs.
-Required property:
-- #reset-cells: must be set to 2
chip: chip-control@ea0000 {
- compatible = "marvell,berlin2-chip-ctrl";
- #clock-cells = <1>;
- #reset-cells = <2>;
+ compatible = "simple-mfd", "syscon";
reg = <0xea0000 0x400>;
- clocks = <&refclk>, <&externaldev 0>;
- clock-names = "refclk", "video_ext0";
- spi1_pmux: spi1-pmux {
- groups = "G0";
- function = "spi1";
- };
+ /* sub-device nodes */
sysctrl: system-controller@d000 {
- compatible = "marvell,berlin2-system-ctrl";
+ compatible = "simple-mfd", "syscon";
reg = <0xd000 0x100>;
- uart0_pmux: uart0-pmux {
- groups = "GSM4";
- function = "uart0";
- };
- uart1_pmux: uart1-pmux {
- groups = "GSM5";
- function = "uart1";
- };
- uart2_pmux: uart2-pmux {
- groups = "GSM3";
- function = "uart2";
- };
+ /* sub-device nodes */