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dts: update to v4.20-rc1
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@@ -32,7 +32,8 @@ describe the view of Secure world using the standard bindings. These
secure- bindings only need to be used where both the Secure and Normal
world views need to be described in a single device tree.
-Valid Secure world properties:
+Valid Secure world properties
- secure-status : specifies whether the device is present and usable
in the secure world. The combination of this with "status" allows
@@ -51,3 +52,19 @@ Valid Secure world properties:
status = "disabled"; secure-status = "okay"; /* S-only */
status = "disabled"; /* disabled in both */
status = "disabled"; secure-status = "disabled"; /* disabled in both */
+The secure-chosen node
+Similar to the /chosen node which serves as a place for passing data
+between firmware and the operating system, the /secure-chosen node may
+be used to pass data to the Secure OS. Only the properties defined
+below may appear in the /secure-chosen node.
+- stdout-path : specifies the device to be used by the Secure OS for
+ its console output. The syntax is the same as for /chosen/stdout-path.
+ If the /secure-chosen node exists but the stdout-path property is not
+ present, the Secure OS should not perform any console output. If
+ /secure-chosen does not exist, the Secure OS should use the value of
+ /chosen/stdout-path instead (that is, use the same device as the
+ Normal world OS).