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+Cirrus Logic Lochnagar Audio Development Board
+Lochnagar is an evaluation and development board for Cirrus Logic
+Smart CODEC and Amp devices. It allows the connection of most Cirrus
+Logic devices on mini-cards, as well as allowing connection of
+various application processor systems to provide a full evaluation
+platform. Audio system topology, clocking and power can all be
+controlled through the Lochnagar, allowing the device under test
+to be used in a variety of possible use cases.
+This binding document describes the binding for the hardware monitor
+portion of the driver.
+This binding must be part of the Lochnagar MFD binding:
+ [4] ../mfd/cirrus,lochnagar.txt
+Required properties:
+ - compatible : One of the following strings:
+ "cirrus,lochnagar2-hwmon"
+lochnagar-hwmon {
+ compatible = "cirrus,lochnagar2-hwmon";