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dts: update to v4.4-rc1
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@@ -14,6 +14,19 @@ Required Properties:
before RK3288
- "rockchip,rk3288-dw-mshc": for Rockchip RK3288
+Optional Properties:
+* clocks: from common clock binding: if ciu_drive and ciu_sample are
+ specified in clock-names, should contain handles to these clocks.
+* clock-names: Apart from the clock-names described in synopsys-dw-mshc.txt
+ two more clocks "ciu-drive" and "ciu-sample" are supported. They are used
+ to control the clock phases, "ciu-sample" is required for tuning high-
+ speed modes.
+* rockchip,default-sample-phase: The default phase to set ciu_sample at
+ probing, low speeds or in case where all phases work at tuning time.
+ If not specified 0 deg will be used.
rkdwmmc0@12200000 {