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* Altera PCIe controller
Required properties:
-- compatible : should contain "altr,pcie-root-port-1.0"
+- compatible : should contain "altr,pcie-root-port-1.0" or "altr,pcie-root-port-2.0"
- reg: a list of physical base address and length for TXS and CRA.
+ For "altr,pcie-root-port-2.0", additional HIP base address and length.
- reg-names: must include the following entries:
"Txs": TX slave port region
"Cra": Control register access region
+ "Hip": Hard IP region (if "altr,pcie-root-port-2.0")
- interrupts: specifies the interrupt source of the parent interrupt
controller. The format of the interrupt specifier depends
on the parent interrupt controller.