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dts: update to v4.0-rc1
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@@ -15,6 +15,29 @@ I. For patch submitters
3) The Documentation/ portion of the patch should come in the series before
the code implementing the binding.
+ 4) Any compatible strings used in a chip or board DTS file must be
+ previously documented in the corresponding DT binding text file
+ in Documentation/devicetree/bindings. This rule applies even if
+ the Linux device driver does not yet match on the compatible
+ string. [ checkpatch will emit warnings if this step is not
+ followed as of commit bff5da4335256513497cc8c79f9a9d1665e09864
+ ("checkpatch: add DT compatible string documentation checks"). ]
+ 5) The wildcard "<chip>" may be used in compatible strings, as in
+ the following example:
+ - compatible: Must contain '"nvidia,<chip>-pcie",
+ "nvidia,tegra20-pcie"' where <chip> is tegra30, tegra132, ...
+ As in the above example, the known values of "<chip>" should be
+ documented if it is used.
+ 6) If a documented compatible string is not yet matched by the
+ driver, the documentation should also include a compatible
+ string that is matched by the driver (as in the "nvidia,tegra20-pcie"
+ example above).
II. For kernel maintainers
1) If you aren't comfortable reviewing a given binding, reply to it and ask