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dts: update to v4.20-rc1
Signed-off-by: Sascha Hauer <>
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@@ -4,7 +4,9 @@ Required properties:
- compatible: Must contain one or more of the following:
- "renesas,usbhs-r8a7743" for r8a7743 (RZ/G1M) compatible device
+ - "renesas,usbhs-r8a7744" for r8a7744 (RZ/G1N) compatible device
- "renesas,usbhs-r8a7745" for r8a7745 (RZ/G1E) compatible device
+ - "renesas,usbhs-r8a774a1" for r8a774a1 (RZ/G2M) compatible device
- "renesas,usbhs-r8a7790" for r8a7790 (R-Car H2) compatible device
- "renesas,usbhs-r8a7791" for r8a7791 (R-Car M2-W) compatible device
- "renesas,usbhs-r8a7792" for r8a7792 (R-Car V2H) compatible device
@@ -13,10 +15,11 @@ Required properties:
- "renesas,usbhs-r8a7795" for r8a7795 (R-Car H3) compatible device
- "renesas,usbhs-r8a7796" for r8a7796 (R-Car M3-W) compatible device
- "renesas,usbhs-r8a77965" for r8a77965 (R-Car M3-N) compatible device
+ - "renesas,usbhs-r8a77990" for r8a77990 (R-Car E3) compatible device
- "renesas,usbhs-r8a77995" for r8a77995 (R-Car D3) compatible device
- "renesas,usbhs-r7s72100" for r7s72100 (RZ/A1) compatible device
- "renesas,rcar-gen2-usbhs" for R-Car Gen2 or RZ/G1 compatible devices
- - "renesas,rcar-gen3-usbhs" for R-Car Gen3 compatible device
+ - "renesas,rcar-gen3-usbhs" for R-Car Gen3 or RZ/G2 compatible devices
- "renesas,rza1-usbhs" for RZ/A1 compatible device
When compatible with the generic version, nodes must list the
@@ -25,7 +28,11 @@ Required properties:
- reg: Base address and length of the register for the USBHS
- interrupts: Interrupt specifier for the USBHS
- - clocks: A list of phandle + clock specifier pairs
+ - clocks: A list of phandle + clock specifier pairs.
+ - In case of "renesas,rcar-gen3-usbhs", two clocks are required.
+ First clock should be peripheral and second one should be host.
+ - In case of except above, one clock is required. First clock
+ should be peripheral.
Optional properties:
- renesas,buswait: Integer to use BUSWAIT register