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dts: update to v5.5
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The settings and programming routines for internal/external
MDIO are different. Must be included for internal MDIO.
+- fsl,erratum-a011043
+ Usage: optional
+ Value type: <boolean>
+ Definition: Indicates the presence of the A011043 erratum
+ describing that the MDIO_CFG[MDIO_RD_ER] bit may be falsely
+ set when reading internal PCS registers. MDIO reads to
+ internal PCS registers may result in having the
+ MDIO_CFG[MDIO_RD_ER] bit set, even when there is no error and
+ read data (MDIO_DATA[MDIO_DATA]) is correct.
+ Software may get false read error when reading internal
+ PCS registers through MDIO. As a workaround, all internal
+ MDIO accesses should ignore the MDIO_CFG[MDIO_RD_ER] bit.
For internal PHY device on internal mdio bus, a PHY node should be created.
See the definition of the PHY node in booting-without-of.txt for an
example of how to define a PHY (Internal PHY has no interrupt line).