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+Microchip (Atmel) AT91
+The Microchip (former Atmel) AT91 architecure has very good support within
+Most boards today have their description in their board files, but
+boards are slowly migrating to use DT.
+Likewise most boards are not yet migrated to multi image support, but
+this is also ongoing.
+The boot process of the AT91 CPU's is a two step process.
+The first step is named the bootstrap and at91bootstrap
+is often used (
+barebox supports bootstrapping some at91 boards as documented
+in the following.
+The bootstrap program are loaded by a boot program and can be loaded
+from DataFlash, NAND Flash, SD Card or via USB.
+The bootstrap program do the low-level configuration of the
+processor and then load and execute barebox.
+AT91 boards
+The majority of the supported boards have a short entry here.
+For each board defconfig file(s) are noted but barebox may include additional
+defconfig files and may also include boards not included in the following.
+.. toctree::
+ :glob:
+ :maxdepth: 1
+ at91/*
+This is a list of AT91 specific TODO items, listed in no particular order.
+* fix prototype for barebox_arm_reset_vector. Introduce the prototype:
+.. code-block:: c
+ void __naked __bare_init barebox_arm_reset_vector(uint32_t r0, uint32_t r1, uint32_t r2)
+This will unify the prototype for the reset vector for multi image and standalone images
+* Update remaining boards to DT
+* Update remaing boards to support multi image boot
+* Get bootstrap working in combination with multi image
+* Introduce defaultenv2 for all boards
+* Add pwm driver (required to support backlight)