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+Marvell Embedded Business Unit (mvebu)
+Move of the Register Window
+When an mvebu SoC comes up the internal registers are mapped at 0xd0000000 in
+the address space. To make it possible to have more than 3.25 GiB of continuous
+RAM in Linux this window is moved to 0xf1000000.
+Unfortunately the register to configure the location of the registers is located
+in this window, so there is no way to determine the location afterwards.
+RAM initialisation
+Traditionally the RAM initialisation happens with a binary blob that have to be
+extracted from the vendor U-Boot::
+ scripts/kwbimage -x -i /dev/mtdblock0 -o .
+This creates among others a file "binary.0" that has to be put into the board
+directory. For license reasons this is usually not included in the barebox
+Note that in the meantime U-Boot has open source code to do the RAM
+initialisation that could be taken.
+Booting second stage
+This is currently not possible because barebox assumes the registers are mapped
+at 0xd0000000 as is the case when the boot ROM gives control to the bootloader.
+Booting from UART
+The mvebu SoCs support booting from UART. For this there is a tool available in
+barebox called kwboot.
+mvebu boards
+Not all supported boards have a description here.
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