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To use pstore/RAMOOPS both Barebox and Kernel have to be compiled with pstore
and RAM backend support. The kernel receives the parameters describing the
-layout over the kernel command line. These parameters are automatically
-generated by Barebox. You can change these parameters in Barebox menuconfig. The
-RAMOOPS parameters for the Kernel are stored in the variable
+layout via devicetree or - as a fallback - over the kernel command line.
+To ensure both worlds are using the same memory layout, the required
+configuration data for the kernel is generated on-the-fly prior booting a kernel.
+For the devicetree use case Barebox adapts the kernel's devicetree, for the
+kernel command line fallback the variable ``global.linux.bootargs.ramoops`` is
+created and its content used to build the kernel command line.
You can adapt the *pstore* parameters in Barebox menuconfig.