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EFI variables
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+(U)EFI Watchdog
+(U)EFI provides basic watchdog support. Depending on the system implementation
+it can be a software or hardware watchdog. Within the (U)EFI specification it
+is described as follows:
+.. epigraph::
+ If the watchdog timer expires, the event is logged by the firmware. The system
+ may then either reset with the Runtime Service ResetSystem(), or perform a
+ platform specific action that must eventually cause the platform to be reset.
+ The watchdog timer is armed before the firmware's boot manager invokes an EFI
+ boot option. The watchdog must be set to a period of 5 minutes. The EFI Image
+ may reset or disable the watchdog timer as needed. If control is returned to
+ the firmware's boot manager, the watchdog timer must be disabled. The watchdog
+ timer is only used during boot services. On successful completion of
+ ExitBootServices() the watchdog timer is disabled.
+See page 186:
+Current linux kernel (v5.0) will execute ExitBootServices() during the early
+boot stage and thus will automatically disable the (U)EFI watchdog. Since it is
+a proper behavior according to the (U)EFI specification, it is impossible to
+protect full boot chain by using this watchdog only. It is recommended to use
+an alternative hardware watchdog, preferably started before the bootloader. If (U)EFI
+firmware lacks this feature, the bootloader should be able to start an alternative
+hardware watchdog on its own. Before implementing this kind of workaround
+please make sure (U)EFI watchdog is not using the same hardware as the alternative
+Nevertheless, barebox provides access to the (U)EFI SetWatchdogTimer()
+interface over its internal watchdog framework.