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@@ -124,4 +124,21 @@ config GPIO_WATCHDOG
If you say yes here you get support for watchdog device
controlled through GPIO-line.
+config ITCO_WDT
+ bool "Intel TCO Timer/Watchdog"
+ depends on X86
+ depends on PCI
+ help
+ Hardware driver for the intel TCO timer based watchdog devices.
+ These drivers are included in the Intel 82801 I/O Controller
+ Hub family (from ICH0 up to ICH10) and in the Intel 63xxESB
+ controller hub.
+ The TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) timer is a watchdog timer
+ that will reboot the machine after its second expiration.
+ On some motherboards the driver may fail to reset the chipset's
+ NO_REBOOT flag which prevents the watchdog from rebooting the
+ machine.