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@@ -108,6 +108,13 @@ its hardware characteristcs.
* arm,cp14: must be present if the system accesses ETM/PTM management
registers via co-processor 14.
+ * qcom,skip-power-up: boolean. Indicates that an implementation can
+ skip powering up the trace unit. TRCPDCR.PU does not have to be set
+ on Qualcomm Technologies Inc. systems since ETMs are in the same power
+ domain as their CPU cores. This property is required to identify such
+ systems with hardware errata where the CPU watchdog counter is stopped
+ when TRCPDCR.PU is set.
* Optional property for TMC:
* arm,buffer-size: size of contiguous buffer space for TMC ETR
@@ -121,6 +128,12 @@ its hardware characteristcs.
* interrupts : Exactly one SPI may be listed for reporting the address
+* Optional property for configurable replicators:
+ * qcom,replicator-loses-context: boolean. Indicates that the replicator
+ will lose register context when AMBA clock is removed which is observed
+ in some replicator designs.
Graph bindings for Coresight