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@@ -59,9 +59,11 @@ mhz values (normalized w.r.t. the highest value found while parsing the DT).
Example 1 (ARM 64-bit, 6-cpu system, two clusters):
-capacities-dmips-mhz are scaled w.r.t. 1024 (cpu@0 and cpu@1)
-supposing cluster0@max-freq=1100 and custer1@max-freq=850,
-final capacities are 1024 for cluster0 and 446 for cluster1
+The capacities-dmips-mhz or DMIPS/MHz values (scaled to 1024)
+are 1024 and 578 for cluster0 and cluster1. Further normalization
+is done by the operating system based on cluster0@max-freq=1100 and
+custer1@max-freq=850, final capacities are 1024 for cluster0 and
+446 for cluster1 (576*850/1100).
cpus {
#address-cells = <2>;