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@@ -81,12 +81,15 @@ Freescale Vybrid Platform Device Tree Bindings
For the Vybrid SoC familiy all variants with DDR controller are supported,
which is the VF5xx and VF6xx series. Out of historical reasons, in most
places the kernel uses vf610 to refer to the whole familiy.
+The compatible string "fsl,vf610m4" is used for the secondary Cortex-M4
+core support.
Required root node compatible property (one of them):
- compatible = "fsl,vf500";
- compatible = "fsl,vf510";
- compatible = "fsl,vf600";
- compatible = "fsl,vf610";
+ - compatible = "fsl,vf610m4";
Freescale LS1021A Platform Device Tree Bindings