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@@ -10,9 +10,11 @@ Required Properties:
- "renesas,r8a73a4-div6-clock" for R8A73A4 (R-Mobile APE6) DIV6 clocks
- "renesas,r8a7740-div6-clock" for R8A7740 (R-Mobile A1) DIV6 clocks
- "renesas,r8a7790-div6-clock" for R8A7790 (R-Car H2) DIV6 clocks
- - "renesas,r8a7791-div6-clock" for R8A7791 (R-Car M2) DIV6 clocks
+ - "renesas,r8a7791-div6-clock" for R8A7791 (R-Car M2-W) DIV6 clocks
+ - "renesas,r8a7793-div6-clock" for R8A7793 (R-Car M2-N) DIV6 clocks
+ - "renesas,r8a7794-div6-clock" for R8A7794 (R-Car E2) DIV6 clocks
- "renesas,sh73a0-div6-clock" for SH73A0 (SH-Mobile AG5) DIV6 clocks
- - "renesas,cpg-div6-clock" for generic DIV6 clocks
+ and "renesas,cpg-div6-clock" as a fallback.
- reg: Base address and length of the memory resource used by the DIV6 clock
- clocks: Reference to the parent clock(s); either one, four, or eight
clocks must be specified. For clocks with multiple parents, invalid