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- self-powered: Set this property if the usb device that has its own power
+Optional properties for usb-b-connector:
+- id-gpios: an input gpio for USB ID pin.
+- vbus-gpios: an input gpio for USB VBUS pin, used to detect presence of
+ VBUS 5V.
+ see gpio/gpio.txt.
+- vbus-supply: a phandle to the regulator for USB VBUS if needed when host
+ mode or dual role mode is supported.
+ Particularly, if use an output GPIO to control a VBUS regulator, should
+ model it as a regulator.
+ see regulator/fixed-regulator.yaml
+- pinctrl-names : a pinctrl state named "default" is optional
+- pinctrl-0 : pin control group
+ see pinctrl/pinctrl-bindings.txt
Optional properties for usb-c-connector:
- power-role: should be one of "source", "sink" or "dual"(DRP) if typec
connector has power support.