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+* Richtek RT8973A - Micro USB Switch device
+The Richtek RT8973A is Micro USB Switch with OVP and I2C interface. The RT8973A
+is a USB port accessory detector and switch that is optimized to protect low
+voltage system from abnormal high input voltage (up to 28V) and supports high
+speed USB operation. Also, RT8973A support 'auto-configuration' mode.
+If auto-configuration mode is enabled, RT8973A would control internal h/w patch
+for USB D-/D+ switching.
+Required properties:
+- compatible: Should be "richtek,rt8973a-muic"
+- reg: Specifies the I2C slave address of the MUIC block. It should be 0x14
+- interrupt-parent: Specifies the phandle of the interrupt controller to which
+ the interrupts from rt8973a are delivered to.
+- interrupts: Interrupt specifiers for detection interrupt sources.
+ rt8973a@14 {
+ compatible = "richtek,rt8973a-muic";
+ interrupt-parent = <&gpx1>;
+ interrupts = <5 0>;
+ reg = <0x14>;
+ };