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@@ -11,9 +11,10 @@ Required properties:
* "qcom,scm-msm8660" for MSM8660 platforms
* "qcom,scm-msm8690" for MSM8690 platforms
* "qcom,scm-msm8996" for MSM8996 platforms
+ * "qcom,scm-ipq4019" for IPQ4019 platforms
* "qcom,scm" for later processors (MSM8916, APQ8084, MSM8974, etc)
- clocks: One to three clocks may be required based on compatible.
- * No clock required for "qcom,scm-msm8996"
+ * No clock required for "qcom,scm-msm8996", "qcom,scm-ipq4019"
* Only core clock required for "qcom,scm-apq8064", "qcom,scm-msm8660", and "qcom,scm-msm8960"
* Core, iface, and bus clocks required for "qcom,scm"
- clock-names: Must contain "core" for the core clock, "iface" for the interface