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-Rockchip RK3328 GRF (General Register Files) GPIO controller.
-In Rockchip RK3328, the output only GPIO_MUTE pin, originally for codec mute
-control, can also be used for general purpose. It is manipulated by the
-GRF_SOC_CON10 register in GRF. Aside from the GPIO_MUTE pin, the HDMI pins can
-also be set in the same way.
-Currently this GPIO controller only supports the mute pin. If needed in the
-future, the HDMI pins support can also be added.
-Required properties:
-- compatible: Should contain "rockchip,rk3328-grf-gpio".
-- gpio-controller: Marks the device node as a gpio controller.
-- #gpio-cells: Should be 2. The first cell is the pin number and
- the second cell is used to specify the gpio polarity:
- 0 = Active high,
- 1 = Active low.
- grf: syscon@ff100000 {
- compatible = "rockchip,rk3328-grf", "syscon", "simple-mfd";
- grf_gpio: grf-gpio {
- compatible = "rockchip,rk3328-grf-gpio";
- gpio-controller;
- #gpio-cells = <2>;
- };
- };
-Note: The grf_gpio node should be declared as the child of the GRF (General
-Register File) node. The GPIO_MUTE pin is referred to as <&grf_gpio 0>.