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@@ -12,13 +12,16 @@ Required properties:
"mediatek,mt7623-i2c", "mediatek,mt6577-i2c": for MediaTek MT7623
"mediatek,mt7629-i2c", "mediatek,mt2712-i2c": for MediaTek MT7629
"mediatek,mt8173-i2c": for MediaTek MT8173
+ "mediatek,mt8183-i2c": for MediaTek MT8183
+ "mediatek,mt8516-i2c", "mediatek,mt2712-i2c": for MediaTek MT8516
- reg: physical base address of the controller and dma base, length of memory
mapped region.
- interrupts: interrupt number to the cpu.
- clock-div: the fixed value for frequency divider of clock source in i2c
module. Each IC may be different.
- clocks: clock name from clock manager
- - clock-names: Must include "main" and "dma", if enable have-pmic need include
+ - clock-names: Must include "main" and "dma", "arb" is for multi-master that
+ one bus has more than two i2c controllers, if enable have-pmic need include
"pmic" extra.
Optional properties: