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@@ -32,6 +32,14 @@ wants to support one of the below features, it should adapt the bindings below.
- clock-frequency
frequency of bus clock in Hz.
+- i2c-bus
+ For I2C adapters that have child nodes that are a mixture of both I2C
+ devices and non-I2C devices, the 'i2c-bus' subnode can be used for
+ populating I2C devices. If the 'i2c-bus' subnode is present, only
+ subnodes of this will be considered as I2C slaves. The properties,
+ '#address-cells' and '#size-cells' must be defined under this subnode
+ if present.
- i2c-scl-falling-time-ns
Number of nanoseconds the SCL signal takes to fall; t(f) in the I2C