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+* Melexis MLX90632 contactless Infra Red temperature sensor
+Link to datasheet:
+There are various applications for the Infra Red contactless temperature sensor
+and MLX90632 is most suitable for consumer applications where measured object
+temperature is in range between -20 to 200 degrees Celsius with relative error
+of measurement below 1 degree Celsius in object temperature range for
+industrial applications. Since it can operate and measure ambient temperature
+in range of -20 to 85 degrees Celsius it is suitable also for outdoor use.
+Be aware that electronics surrounding the sensor can increase ambient
+temperature. MLX90632 can be calibrated to reduce the housing effect via
+already existing EEPROM parameters.
+Since measured object emissivity effects Infra Red energy emitted, emissivity
+should be set before requesting the object temperature.
+Required properties:
+ - compatible: should be "melexis,mlx90632"
+ - reg: the I2C address of the sensor (default 0x3a)
+mlx90632@3a {
+ compatible = "melexis,mlx90632";
+ reg = <0x3a>;