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device, hence no steps need to be passed.
- rotary-encoder,rollover: Automatic rollove when the rotary value becomes
greater than the specified steps or smaller than 0. For absolute axis only.
+- rotary-encoder,steps-per-period: Number of steps (stable states) per period.
+ The values have the following meaning:
+ 1: Full-period mode (default)
+ 2: Half-period mode
+ 4: Quarter-period mode
+- wakeup-source: Boolean, rotary encoder can wake up the system.
+Deprecated properties:
- rotary-encoder,half-period: Makes the driver work on half-period mode.
+ This property is deprecated. Instead, a 'steps-per-period ' value should
+ be used, such as "rotary-encoder,steps-per-period = <2>".
See Documentation/input/rotary-encoder.txt for more information.