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-Generic resistive touchscreen ADC
-Required properties:
- - compatible: must be "resistive-adc-touch"
-The device must be connected to an ADC device that provides channels for
-position measurement and optional pressure.
-Refer to
-for details
- - iio-channels: must have at least two channels connected to an ADC device.
-These should correspond to the channels exposed by the ADC device and should
-have the right index as the ADC device registers them. These channels
-represent the relative position on the "x" and "y" axes.
- - iio-channel-names: must have all the channels' names. Mandatory channels
-are "x" and "y".
-Optional properties:
- - iio-channels: The third channel named "pressure" is optional and can be
-used if the ADC device also measures pressure besides position.
-If this channel is missing, pressure will be ignored and the touchscreen
-will only report position.
- - iio-channel-names: optional channel named "pressure".
- resistive_touch: resistive_touch {
- compatible = "resistive-adc-touch";
- touchscreen-min-pressure = <50000>;
- io-channels = <&adc 24>, <&adc 25>, <&adc 26>;
- io-channel-names = "x", "y", "pressure";
- };